The Ute Canopy Co products are easy to self-install within 15 minutes by following the below 3 steps:

  • Canopy weight is between 50KG and 85KG so easily lifted into place by two people
  • Only 4 clamps to be tightened to secure the Canopy firmly in place
  • No Drilling Required for canopy installation (may be required to attach light to power supply)
  • No Adhesives required to hold Canopy in place
  • No Permanent mountings or brackets needed


  • Starting with a Clean tray
    • Old lid or canopy removed
    • Roll bar removed
    • Surface of tray top clean and even, ensure no partial rubbers or sealants from previous installations remain


  • Unpack the new canopy and gently lift into place
    • Careful not to damage the canopy by placing it on a rough surface such as concrete or gravel (if possible lift straight from packaging to Ute)
    • As each canopy is designed specifically for a specific make and model of vehicle the Canopy should fit snugly into place, sitting evenly on the edges of the tray top
    • Carful to lift the canopy into place without dragging along the tray top as the new canopy rubber sealants may get damaged


  • Once the Canopy is sitting securely in place progressively tighten each of the four clamps until all clamps are evenly and securely in place
    • Gradually tighten each clamp sequentially ensuring no clamp is over tight while others remain lose
    • Typically 3 – 4 rounds of tightening is required to ensure the full canopy is gradually tightened in an even manner
    • Careful not to over tighten any clamp

If your Canopy has lighting

  • It is recommended that you take your Ute to a local auto electrician or workshop to get the electrics for the interior light or brake light professionally attached