The Mitsubishi Triton Canopy Range

By June 7, 2016Canopies

The curved cab shape of the Triton has enabled Mitsubishi to create the roomiest interior in its class with a more spacious, quiet and comfortable cabin. The unique curves also make the Triton ideally placed to be accessorised with a curved sports canopy that compliments the car’s contours. This is definitely a head turning vehicle when matched with the right canopy or accessories.

mitsubishi triton canopy

Our Mitsubishi Triton canopy range has a number of sleek options that are guaranteed to make your ute stand out from the crowd without forsaking functionality.

The Triton has a long history as one of Mitsubishi’s most celebrated vehicles. For 5 generations it has been on of the leaders in the field of compact trucks across the world, and despite many different incarnations, has prevailed as an infallible workhorse in the motoring world.

Since its genesis in 1978, the Triton (also known as the L200) has always been considered a compact pickup truck. However, its fourth and fifth generations saw pronounced developments in size and stature, keeping in line with competitors like the Toyota Hilux and Nissan Navara.

Newer Triton models feature a curved dual cabin which is the roomiest in its class. This improvement marks a clear shift from the Triton being marketed as purely built for function, but also for aesthetics and comfort. The addition of a ute canopy can take this aspect of your vehicle to another realm altogether.

mitsubishi trition canopy

The Mitsubishi Triton canopy is a fantastic addition to any utility. We provide a variety of sports canopy options and accessories to enhance your vehicle, adhering to both function and style with equal consideration.

Our ute canopies are built to fit models from 2007 onwards, and boast an array of aerodynamic designs, optional tinted glass windows, a styled curved rear door, LED brake and interior lights where required, and a 12 month warranty.

We work with our trusted European manufacturer to bring the most stylish and functional canopies to the Australian market. If you have any enquiries about our Mitsubishi Triton accessories, canopy purchasing process or installation, feel free to contact us for info or a quote.