The Volkswagen Amarok Canopy Range and Accessories

By June 28, 2016Canopies

The Volkswagen Amarok is a tough work ute with passenger car manners. Comfortable, quiet and technically sophisticated, with handling and steering that is not far short of a good passenger car, it’s suitable for everyday living and for work. This ute looks great when dressed up with a premium sports canopy.

volkswagen amarok canopy

A Volkswagen Amarok canopy will take this already tough, powerful ute and turn it into a sleek vehicle, ready for the vigorous of work, and the requirements of everyday living.

The Amarok is one of the newest members of Volkswagen’s illustrious family of automobiles. In 2005, Volkswagen announced that they would be building a compact ute as a part of an extension of their range which also included an off-road family vehicle (the Touareg).

The name ‘Amarok’ was actually envisioned by a branding company that worked with Volkswagen in developing the car. It means “wolf” in Inuit which pertains to a long connection of the VW brand with wolves (Volkswagen was born in German town Wolfsburg, and from then, many of their models have been associated with the animal).

The Amarok embodies the style and sprit of its animal namesake. Tough and strong, it is a versatile ute. But it is also one of the best looking vehicles in its class. It is powered by a range of turbocharged direct injection diesel engines, and fuel stratified injection petrol engine.

Three different model lines mean you can purchase the cheaper base model, right up to the premium highline model – available in single of twin cab versions. A hardtop canopy will take any Amarok into a whole new dimension, transforming your trusted workhorse into a sleek, beast of a ute.

volkswagen amarok canopy

We provide a variety of ute canopy options and ute accessories to enhance your Amarok, adhering to both function and style with equal consideration.

Our Volkswagen Amarok canopies and accessories are built to fit models from 2010 onwards and boast an array of aerodynamic designs, optional tinted glass windows, a styled curved rear door, LED brake and interior lights where required, and a 12 month warranty.

We work with our trusted European manufacturer to bring the most stylish and functional canopies to the Australian market. If you have any enquiries about our Volkswagen Amarok accessories, canopy purchasing process or installation, feel free to contact us for info or a quote.